What happened to you DC? You used to be so cool. You used to be so "with it". But now? Now, I don't know what you are, what's your point or how you can even improve from mess you've turned yourselves into.


I've been a DC Comics fan since I was a little girl discovering Batman: The Animated Series. Loyal, dedicated and loving everything DC (my favorite character of all time is Booster Gold...don't judge my life) related to the point of mostly shunning Marvel comics as inferior. But in the words of Ponyboy Curtis, "Nothing Gold can Stay" and this has certainly been the case with DC over the last few years.

From the Sexy Suicide Contest, to Dan Didio saying that Batwoman's marriage wasn't illustrated because "Heroes shouldn't have happy personal lives," (the writing staff had quit the book before Didio's statement), DC comics have apparently shown a lack of realization that their fans actually appreciate well thought out books and fleshed out characters. Writers and artists left and right have either been fired or simply left the publisher and it certainly shows in the quality of work lately. The fact that the one of the most hated (or at least, the most made fun of) writer, Rob Liefeld left DC because of constant last minute editorial changes and rewrites should really make Dan Didio, Jim Lee and others take a step back and see that what they're doing now are just gimmicks that can't and won't last.


Oh for a world before the New 52! To have a lot of good books and solid characters and a lot less tinkering. Remember when Amanda Waller was a power house? A woman that despite all the hard bodies superhumans was a force to be reckoned with in every conceivable way? Before she eventually became just another T & A generic? Or a time when Superman didn't wear jeans to be a hero? Remember When Starfire was just a pretty orange gal who was sexually liberated with a happy spirited instead of a slutty no personality alien? I remember. If only we could get some of yester year back.

A girl could dream right? Or at the very least, pick up a Marvel comic for solace.

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